Alberta: Clean Energy Improvement Program
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Alberta: Clean Energy Improvement Program

Improve Your Comfort and Save Resources with the Clean Energy Improvement Program in Alberta

Clean Energy Program
Clean Energy Program

Receive 100% of Project Costs

Energy costs nearly $5,000 per year for Alberta families. Sealing leaky windows, insulating attics, and replacing inefficient heaters can all save you a lot of money. You can save even more money using rooftop solar panels to generate your energy. The only issue is how to pay for these upgrades. You can start saving money sooner than you expect with the Clean Energy Improvement Program. Alberta’s Clean Energy Improvement Program is a novel approach to financing energy saving and renewable energy improvements. Repayment is made through your normal property tax bill— so the project financing is tied to the property, not the owner. If you move, the new owners will take on the repayment. Plus:
  • Take advantage of low-interest rates.
  • Take advantage of long repayment conditions (up to 20 years for some upgrades).
  • You can pay off the project’s debt whenever you want.
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What Retrofits Are Eligible for Alberta's Clean Energy Improvement Program?

  • Attic insulation
  • Wall insulation
  • Foundation insulation
  • Rim joist insulation
  • Energy-efficient window
  • Energy-efficient door
  • Exterior home wrap
  • Other air sealing
  • Smart thermostat
  • High-efficiency central air conditioner
  • High-efficiency gas furnace
  • ECM motor for residential furnace
  • High-efficiency gas boiler
  • Heat recovery ventilation or energy recovery ventilation
  • Air-source heat pump
  • Ground source heat pump
  • Indoor Lighting Control
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Solar PV System
  • Solar Thermal Water Heating
  • Battery Energy Storage
  • Drain water heat recovery
  • Heat pump water heater
  • High-efficiency storage water heater
  • Tankless gas water heater

Which Homes Are Eligible for Alberta’s Clean Energy Improvement Program?

Each town customizes the program to meet its community protection and energy-saving objectives. Your town may provide incentives to join, and because the program is cumulative with other rebates, such as the Canada Greener Homes Grant, you could save thousands of dollars on renovations.

This program is currently available in:

  • Town of Athabasca
  • Town of Canmore
  • City of Edmonton
  • City of Lethbridge
  • City of St. Albert
  • City of Calgary
  • Town of Devon
  • City of Leduc
  • Town of Rocky Mountain House

Multi-unit residential buildings with four stories or more and more than 600m2 in building area are not qualified for the Program’s residential component.

Edmonton applicants: multi-unit residential structures with five or more units are ineligible for the Program’s residential component.

What is the application process?

  1. Fill out the form to determine your Sustainable Energy Improvement Program eligibility.
  2. Review your municipality’s Program Terms and Conditions before filing (where the project is located).
  3. If you have a mortgage on your home, you must obtain permission from your lender to join the program.
  4. The form must be filed with supporting documentation to your municipality (where the property is situated). Please upload the necessary documents as specified on your municipality’s CEIP webpage and in the Terms and Conditions.
  5. Alberta Municipalities will provide the Project Application Form if the submitted material fulfills the requirements. Submission of the Pre-Qualification Form and receipt of a Project Application Form does not ensure eligibility or financing through the Program; project financing is reserved only after a financing deal with the municipality is signed.
  6. Upgrade installations will not commence until you have been pre-qualified, finished an EnerGuide Home Evaluation, approved the Project Application Form, and signed the necessary Program agreements.
  7. A Qualified Contractor must perform any incidental work funded by the program.
  8. When the project is finished, the CEIP project funding is added to the participant’s property tax bill, much like a local improvement assessment. This new payment will be applied to the property for the selected period. Landowners continue to pay their property taxes in the same manner that they have in the past.

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