New Construction Certifications
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New Construction Certifications

When building, receive an HST rebate for new homes

New Construction Certifications
New Construction Certifications

Invest In a Sustainable Home

New construction certifications provide homeowners with proof that their house is energy efficient now and in the future. Using the EnerGuide Rating System, a qualified Energy Advisor will evaluate the home, rate its efficiency, and show an ENERGY STAR® or Net Zero label. Builders can select from any of Canada’s most reputable and voluntary initiatives.

Energy Advisors collaborate with builders, contractors, and residents to develop packages and plans for improving a home’s energy efficiency. They recommend expert advice to build comfortable, cost-effective, and energy-efficient homes based on industry expertise and an understanding of the house as a system.

We can certify EnerGuide single-family houses and multi-family residential buildings.

You can also qualify for the HST rebate for new homes when you build your own home or purchase a new home from a builder.

Sustainable Home

ENERGY STAR® For New Homes

What is the ENERGY STAR for New Homes program?

The ENERGY STAR for New Houses program was launched in 2005.

The program enables builders to build energy-efficient homes in a timely, simple, and cost-effective way using standard building practices. Natural Resources Canada administers the program, while licensed service organizations and their certified energy advisors execute and distribute it.

What are common features that builders typically incorporate into ENERGY STAR-certified homes?

Some of the features that builders typically incorporate include: 

Heating and cooling systems: More energy-efficient space conditioning systems, such as furnaces, air conditioners, and water heaters.

 Windows, patio doors, and skylights: Fenestration products—such as windows, glass doors, and skylights—that are energy-efficient. 

Walls and ceilings: There is often more insulation in the ceilings and walls of an ENERGY STAR-certified home than is required by the building code. 

Airtightness: ENERGY STAR-certified houses must meet a specified maximum air leakage limit, which helps save energy for heating and cooling and increases comfort. 

Electrical savings: Each ENERGY STAR-certified house has a minimum of 400 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electrical savings measures, such as ENERGY STAR-certified lighting or appliances, which help reduce electrical loads.

EnerGuide For New Homes

What Makes These Homes Better?

Natural Resources Canada’s (NRCan) EnerGuide rating method can be used to assess a home’s energy efficiency. On a scale of 1 to 100, the EnerGuide rating system determines the degree of energy efficiency of a home. New energy-efficient houses have a rating of at least 80. A home with no bought energy has a rating of 100.

The national R-2000* Initiative and regional energy efficiencies programs, such as ENERGY STAR® for New Homes, the Power Smart New Home Program, Built GreenTM, and GreenHome, require homes to have EnerGuide ratings that are at or above a certain level.

Homes with high EnerGuide ratings, such as those with a rating of 80 or higher, typically exceed the energy standards of the building code. They are more energy efficient, which means lower energy expenses. These homes frequently have superior indoor air quality and are built with environmentally friendly materials.

Net Zero Home

What is a Net Zero Home?

Net Zero Homes generate the same amount of clean energy that they utilize. They are up to 80% more energy efficient than standard new homes and rely on renewable energy devices to generate the remaining energy. Every house component works together to keep the temperature consistent, prevent drafts, and filter the indoor air to reduce dust and allergens.

With a Net Zero Home, your utility expenses will be at an all-time low and remain so all year. A Net Zero House protects you from potential energy price increases. That could be a significant deal in the long run. A Net Zero Home is more durable than a typical new home because it is built to higher standards, with high performance, warm windows, and better-insulated walls and roofs.

Better Comfort

The use of advanced building methods and materials, as well as superior heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment, results in consistent temperatures throughout the home.

Excellent indoor air quality for a better lifestyle. An integrated filtered fresh air system reduces allergens and asthma triggers such as dust, pollen, and external air pollution.

A Net Zero Home is quieter because it is tightly constructed and well insulated. Outside noises, such as vehicles, lawnmowers, and barking dogs, are effectively muffled.

Environmentally Friendly Choice

By purchasing a Net Zero Home, you are helping to mitigate climate change and safeguard natural resources for future generations. A Net Zero Home generates as much energy as it uses (clean, renewable energy).

A Net Zero Home’s characteristics work together to minimize your household’s environmental footprint significantly.

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