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Buildings, including our homes, make up 18% of the emission of greenhouse gases in Canada. You can make your household more comfortable and cost-effective while contributing to our environmental goals.

About Green Think Inc
About Green Think Inc

Who is GreenThink Inc.?

GreenThink Inc. is a leading rebates-finding platform in Canada. We help homeowners save money and reduce their carbon footprint with greener homes option.

Established in 2022, our team of independent Energy Advisors across Canada (ON-BC) has been completing energy evaluations for the various grant programs (federal and provincial). We aim to make homes more energy-efficient, so we can reduce our carbon footprint and help to mitigate climate change.

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Katie Helman

Katie Helman

Operations Manager

Katie handles everything from customers first reaching out to GreenThink Inc to chatting with the Energy Advisor team and everything in between. She brings a wealth of knowledge and organizational skills to keep things running smoothly. Her business degree from Brescia University has prepared her to become a leader in the company. 

Before GreenThink Inc., Katie had various jobs, from a cheesemaker to a hotel’s restaurant administration assistant. In her spare time, Katie loves baking, going on the Peloton, traveling, and playing with her cat, Pierogi. Katie’s goal at GTi is to create a sense of community while working remotely across Canada.

David Abraham

Service Organization Manager - Quality Assurance Manager

David is the lead Energy Advisor and QA specialist for GreenThink inc. He graduated from Mohawk College with his Architectural Technician and Building Renovation Technician diplomas. Before becoming an Energy Advisor, David gained five years of experience in the home renovation field. 

For the past half-decade, David has worked across Canada as an Energy Advisor helping educate and train new advisors and educating homeowners on the importance of energy efficiency in their homes. David is committed to building a greener, more sustainable future for generations. During his spare time, David can be found on the golf course slicing every drive and missing every putt.

David Abraham

What is an Energy Advisor?

Canada’s energy advisors advise homeowners, businesses, and organizations on energy efficiency and conservation.

The primary role of energy advisors is to help their clients reduce their energy consumption and costs by identifying areas where energy is being wasted and recommending solutions to improve energy efficiency. They may conduct energy assessments of buildings, review energy bills, and provide recommendations on upgrades to equipment, such as heating and cooling systems, lighting, and insulation.

Energy advisors may also provide education and outreach to their clients on energy efficiency practices and information on available incentives and rebates for energy-efficient upgrades.

To become an energy advisor in Canada, one must complete training and certification through a recognized program, such as Natural Resources Canada’s EnerGuide Rating System or the Canadian Home Builders’ Association’s Net Zero Energy Advisor program.

What Tests Are Performed by GreenThink Inc?

An Energy Advisor may perform several tests during an energy assessment of a building. The specific tests performed may vary depending on the type of building, its age, and its energy use. However, some standard tests that Energy Advisors may conduct include:

  1. Blower door test: This test measures the airtightness of a building. A fan is placed in an exterior door, and the pressure is lowered inside the building, allowing the Energy Advisor to identify areas where air leaks in or out.
  2. Combustion safety testing: For buildings with combustion appliances, such as furnaces or water heaters, combustion safety testing may be performed to ensure that the appliances function safely and efficiently.

Once the testing is complete, the Energy Advisor will provide a report outlining their findings and recommendations for energy-efficient upgrades and improvements.

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Before starting any energy-efficient upgrades in your home, contact us to give you the best upgrades to pick and let you know the grants you are eligible for.

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