Top Savings: Ontario’s Home Efficiency Rebate+ Explained

The Home Efficiency Rebate Plus program is a coordinated effort that aims to help more Ontarians save energy and reduce their carbon footprint. Enbridge Gas and Canada’s Greener Homes Grant have partnered to provide rebates for eligible retrofits such as home insulation, windows and doors, heat pumps, and renewable energy systems. 

This is excellent news for residents across the province, particularly current Enbridge Gas customers who use natural gas to heat their homes and are eligible for enhanced rebates of up to $10,000. To learn more about the Ontario Home Efficiency Rebate Plus and everything you need to know to apply, follow this handy guide.

Ontario's Home Efficiency Rebate Plus

Everything You Need to Know About HER+

All eligible Canadians can now access grant funding through the Canada Greener Homes Grant, which is being offered nationwide. In Ontario, the program is being co-delivered through HER+ to provide eligible homeowners with a streamlined process and a single application, irrespective of their home heating fuel type. This joint effort enables homeowners to benefit from both programs, making it easier to access and receive the support they need to make their homes more energy-efficient.


To be eligible for Ontario’s Home Efficiency Plus (HER+) program, homeowners need to meet certain criteria. All homeowners in Ontario qualify, except for those whose homes are not space-heated by Enbridge Gas and are not their primary residence (rental units). The following criteria also exclude eligibility:

  • The homeowner has already started upgrades before conducting a pre-retrofit energy assessment
  • The home was built less than six months ago
  • The home is a multi-unit residential building with more than three stories or a footprint greater than 600m²
  • Less than 50% of the building is residential living space
  • Homeowners who max out their incentive ($10,000 for Enbridge Gas space-heated customers and $5,000 for non-Enbridge Gas customers) through the HER+ or Canada Greener Homes Grant (CGHG) programs.

For enhanced Enbridge Gas rebates, the home must be space-heated by Enbridge Gas. The homeowner must either reside or own the property during the pre-retrofit energy assessment, or the home must convert its space heating to Enbridge Gas natural gas.

Ontario's Home Efficiency Rebate Plus - Efficient house


The HER+ program provides rebates for a variety of home upgrades. Here is a breakdown of the rebates available:

Heating and Cooling Systems:

  • Up to $5,800 for upgrading to a high-efficiency furnace or boiler, $1,000 for upgrading to a high-efficiency air conditioner or heat pump, and $250 for installing a smart thermostat.


  • Up to $1,000 for upgrading to attic insulation, $1,750 for upgrading to basement insulation, and $1,250 for upgrading to exterior wall insulation.

Windows and Doors:

  • Up to $500 per window for upgrading to high-efficiency windows, up to $500 per door for upgrading to a high-efficiency door, and up to $1,000 for upgrading to a high-efficiency sliding glass door.

Air Sealing:

  • Up to $150 for air sealing, which involves sealing gaps and cracks in your home’s walls, ceilings, and floors to prevent air leaks.

Overall, the HER+ program can provide rebates of up to $5,000 for upgrades to heating and cooling systems, up to $7,500 for upgrades to insulation and air sealing, and up to $5,000 for upgrades to windows and doors. In addition, participants can offset the cost of their EnerGuide home evaluation with an extra rebate of $600.

How to Apply

To apply for the HER+ program, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Step 1: Contact a licensed Registered Energy Advisor, such as Green Think Inc., and schedule an initial home energy assessment.
  2. Step 2: They will provide a custom report outlining recommended upgrades for your home.
  3. Step 3: Complete at least one eligible upgrade based on the recommendations in the report.
  4. Step 4: Schedule a follow-up home energy assessment to verify that the upgrades were completed correctly and your home’s energy efficiency has improved.
  5. Step 5: After the follow-up assessment, you will receive a rebate cheque, which includes up to $600 for the assessments.

It’s important to note that you cannot start your energy upgrades until after your energy audit. The energy audit will identify areas of your home that could benefit from upgrades and help you prioritize which upgrades to complete first.

All participants must provide copies of their invoices, proof of address, and property tax bill before the Registered Energy Advisor can submit the file for payment.

Save Money and Earn Money

Ontario’s Home Efficiency Rebate Plus (HER+) program is an excellent opportunity for homeowners in Ontario to save money on energy bills while reducing their carbon footprint and increasing the value of their homes. By taking advantage of the rebates available for upgrades to heating and cooling systems, insulation, windows, and doors, homeowners can make their homes more energy-efficient and comfortable for years to come. If you’re a homeowner in Ontario, schedule an energy audit with Green Think Inc and apply for the HER+ program to save money on your energy bills.

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